I’ve Moved! My New Blog Site

I’ve taken the plunge! I am not self-hosting blog.

As a result, my blog has now moved to www.coreytowe.com. I will no longer be posting on this WordPress site, so please use the link above to access my blog and subscribe.

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What I learned about leadership at the Krispy Kreme Challenge

There were several words that came to my mind as I participated in the 8th Annual Krispy Kreme Challengethis past weekend in Raleigh, NC. Words like “crazy”, “insane”, “what am I doing here” and “I’m going to eat what” were among the many.

If you don’t know what the Krispy Kreme Challenge is, it’s a race that includes the following: Continue reading

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I quit! But stayed: A dangerous place for a leader

There is a dangerous place for a leader to find him or herself in as a leader of people.

Unfortunately, I talk to leaders who are in this place a lot more lately as the job market heats up and organization shift. I’ve been in this situation myself while leading large organizations and it’s one of the toughest things to notice and solve.

It doesn’t matter how big or small the team is, this is a significant risk and can greatly impact the influence and effectiveness a leader can have within an organization. Continue reading

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Fit Factors: What are yours? Do you know?

Have you ever heard anyone say either of the following:

“That company is just not the right “fit” for me…”

“That person is just not the right “fit” for what we are looking for…”

I have. I’ve said both of those through the years about myself or others I was interviewing people for various job opening, but have we ever stopped to think about what we actually mean we when we talk about “fit”? Continue reading

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Why It’s Better to Finish 3rd Instead of 2nd

Quick question: Who’s happier when standing on the podium during the Olympics? The person who won the silver medal or the person who won the bronze medal?

You might be surprised by the answer to this question and the reason behind it. Buried in the answer to this question is a nugget of truth about our lives and the power of perspective. Continue reading

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Investing or Spending Your Time – Leadership Lesson from Best CEO in America

Do you spend your time or do you invest your time? Have you ever stepped back to evaluate this and differentiate your time in this way?

Time is one of the most important currencies we have as humans and as organizational leaders. We all have the same about rationed to us, so what we do with it is what creates competitive advantage and differentiation. As a leader, how you maximize time becomes a key metric for your success and your team’s success. Continue reading

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Fueling Growth as a Leader: My 2012 Reading List

Welcome to 2012. Another year and another opportunity to make a difference as a leader and do something that matters.

What do you plan to use to fuel your leadership this year? One of the types of fuel I try to use constantly is reading. I recognize I have a lot to learn and there are much smarter people out there than I am, so I use reading as an opportunity to keep myself personally sharp. Continue reading

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